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Why Grandkids Camp?

Grandkids Camp

A week when you choose to make your grandchildren the focus of your lives.

​While you will learn how to plan and carry out Grandkids Camp, you will also discover profound insights into the gift of being a grandparent, and the potential for this relationship. ​​

Even if you never host a grandkids camp, this book will change your perspective on your grandkids, yourself, and the world.

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So you can love them for who they are and encourage them to become all that God created them to be.

RElationships Matter Most

For several years people have encouraged me to write about our Grandkids Camps, thinking that sharing our story and some tips and ideas might help others start their own camps. After hosting seven years of camps (and learning more with each one), and with a little more discretionary time in my retirement, I finally started to record some thoughts and memories. I decided to forego an outline and just start writing.

What surprised me was that I found myself not only writing about the camps and what we did, but also reflecting on those moments and events. I thought about what I had learned about my grandchildren and about myself; and how difficult it is today for generations to share life with one another; I pondered the kind of world my grandchildren will face; and prayed that God would reveal ways for all of us to be more faithful to one another, generation to generation.

I am not a reflective person by nature. But every so often God has called me to stop and reflect and see more of Him and what He has been doing in and through and around me.

"Papa, why don't you and Nana have kids?"
This was the question I was asked by my five-year-old grandson while we were walking through "Whispering Woods" during Grandkids Camp.  

​I cannot be certain of what exactly what he was thinking, but I can hope it was something like this, "Grandkids Camp sure is fun, and you and Nana also seem to really enjoy being with us. It's too bad you don't have kids living with you all the time."

During Grandkids Camp you will discover each grandchild.  They will discover you. Together you will discover what matters most.

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